/draft / (say drahft)

1. Also, draught. a drawing, sketch, or design.
2. Also, draught. a first or preliminary form of any writing, subject to revision and copying.
3. Also, draught. the act of drawing; delineation.
4. US the taking of supplies, forces, money, etc., from a given source.
5. military conscription.
6. (formerly) a selection of persons already in service, to be sent from one post or organisation to another, in either the army or the navy; a detachment.
7. Finance a written order drawn by one person upon another; a writing directing the payment of money on account of the drawer; a bill of exchange.
8. a drain or demand made on anything.
9. Foundry the slight taper given to a pattern so that it may be drawn from the sand without injury to the mould.
10. Masonry the narrow band worked along the margin or margins of a rough-faced stone, so that it can be accurately placed.
11. Machinery the sectional area of the openings in a turbine wheel or in a sluice gate.
12. Agriculture an animal or animals selected and separated from the herd or flock.
13. Chiefly USdraught.
verb (t)
14. Also, draught. to draw the outlines or plan of, or sketch.
15. Also, draught. to draw up in written form, as a first draft.
16. to conscript.
17. Masonry to cut a draft on.
18. Also, draft out, draft off. Agriculture to separate (livestock) from the herd or flock for a particular purpose, as branding: the heifers were drafted out.
{Middle English draht, droft, from Old English droht pull, draught. Compare [b]draught}
drafter, noun
drafting, noun
Usage: Compare draught but note that American English prefers the spelling draft for all meanings.

Australian English dictionary. 2014.